Pre-COP22, Oujda: The COP22 in Morocco another step for a better climate

Lundi 25 Juillet 2016

The mobilization around the COP22 is being prepared very actively in Morocco, a country that will shelter this 22nd conference about the climate next November, In preparation for this international meeting, it is held a series of Pre-COP22 regional, of which Oujda, organized these July 23rd and 24th, 2016, by the Region of Eastern in partnership with the Region of Fès-Meknès, the Moroccan Coalition for climate Justice and the National council of the Human rights. Gathering various actors of the civil society, this Pre-COP22 aims to permit the present actors to define better the methods and to reinforce all dynamic arrangements of the COP22.

At present, different organizations of the Moroccan civil society have participated in this mobilization, the elected officials and the representatives of the areas of Fès, Meknès and of the Eastern regions
The president of the Eastern Region, Mr. Abdennabi Biloui, thinks that the participative mobilization of, especially, the Moroccan civil society is very important, because it has to play a great part in the structure of COP22 and well beyond that. The challenge is of size and “we hope that all the Moroccan areas will have the care to profit from the green intelligence”, he announced.

The present Moroccan actors seem to want to position Morocco as being the first defender of the interests of the entire African continent. In this respect, the initiative triple “A” set up the Adaptation, Africa and Agriculture among the priorities in the COP22 agenda.

The work of these two days was full of several different activities registered in the program, namely conferences, debates, side Events, the exhibitions in the stands and the visits of ground. The work ended with the presentation of the summaries report with recommendations left out of the debates and all the exchanges.

Ifoulki Média Bladi
Pre-COP22, Oujda: The COP22 in Morocco another step for a better climate